jueves, 10 de diciembre de 2009

Church Bizarre (Dnk) - Sinister Glorification (2007)

Contrie: Dinamarca
Genre: Death/Black Metal
Lyrical Theme: Death, occultism

1. Votaries of Below (Intro)
2. Sinister Glorification
3. Into the Dark (Where Witches Burned)
4. Redeemer and teh Scythe
5. The Mighty Sword of Cain
6. Inscribed in the Black Book of Death
7. Enter the Temple of Shadows
8. Prophet of Disease
9. Ubrarum Regni Novem Portis
10. Foaming Mouth of Mankinds Tomb

miércoles, 9 de diciembre de 2009

Verivala (Fin) - Kalliolle, Kukkulalle (2009)

Countrie: Finland
Genre: Black Metal
Lyrical Theme: Blasphemy, Occult, Darkness
2.Kristus ja Risti04:42
3.Uni Käärmetulesta04:31
5.Saatanan Miekka04:08
6.Sieluvanhuksen Salaisundet05:50
7.Laulu Kärsimyksen Jumalalle03:14
Total playing time40:16

Beyond the Dream (Fin) - The Sin Against the Sinners (2009)

Countrie: Finland
Genre: Melodic Gothic/Black Metal
Lyrical Theme: Life Struggles, Hatred, Violence

2.Beautiful Little Storm05:25
4.Fading Stern03:55
5.Masquerade in Eden04:30
7.Banished from Wonderland04:00
8.Freewill as a Souvenir05:53
9.Lullaby for the Sleeping World03:01
10....There My Heart Should Be03:45
11.Mental Image on Fear04:55
12.Engaged with the Wind03:51
13.When Man Exists No More06:06
Total playing time56:54

Cales (cze) - KRF (2009)

Countrie: Republica Checa
Genre: Epic Doom Death Metal
Lyrical Theme: Paganism, Mystical, Celtic

1.Barbarian Paganus



4.Pass in Time

5.Song of Outlaws

6.Legacy of Honour

7.Savage Blood

8.Magnificent Masterpiece of Apocalypse

Lord Of Evil - Soldiers Of Satan (best of/ compilation) (1998)

Countrie: Poland
Genre: NS Black Metal
Lyrical Theme: White Supremacy, War

2.The Abyss of Moon's Shadows01:22
3.13 Revelations of the Anti-Christ01:19
4.Black Sun02:48
6.The Madness of Closed Sleeps03:01
7.Invocation of the Anti-Christ03:02
8.Dawn of the Mortal Edge00:21
9.Nuclear War02:46
11.Kill the zog!00:10
12.The Anti-Christ02:27
13.Evil Spirit of Destruction02:52
17.Warriors of the Night04:03
18.Gamaddion (Sigillum Diabolicum)03:55
19.Priest of the Unholy05:13
Total playing time41:38

Hellveto (Pol) - Kry (2009)

Countrie: Poland
Genre: Orchestral Pagan Metal
Lyrical Theme: Paganism
3.Powiedz Mi...04:26
4.Kraina Mgiel04:05
5.Rzucone na Wiatr05:25
6.Smak Zniewolenia04:26
Total playing time31:50

martes, 17 de noviembre de 2009

Ensiferum (Fin) - From Afar (2009)

Genre: Viking/Folk Metal
Lyrical Theme: Legends, Fantasy, Battles, Sorrow, Heathen Themes
Countrie: Finland, Helsinki

1. By the Dividing Stream
2. From Afar
3. Twilight Tavern
4. Heathen Throne
5. Elusive Reaches
6. Stone Cold Metal
7. Smoking Ruins
8. Tumman Virran Taa
9. The Longest Journey (Heathen Throne Part II)

Total Playing Time 56:40